Porter Davis Real Estate Brokerage has specialized in foreclosure listings since 2008. We have sold over 1,500 REO listings in partnership with dozens of asset management companies and loan servicers. We are a full service brokerage offering the entire range of REO agent services including cash for keys negotiation, 24-hour BPOs, contracting for property preservation services and repairs, weekly inspections, marketing and post-contract services. If you are an asset manager interested in working with our brokerage, please email

If you are a buyer interested in buying an REO property, here are some additional resources:

Fannie Mae is currently the largest supplier of foreclosed homes to the marketplace, and also one of the driving forces in the stabilization of housing values.  To achieve this goal, they often repair their homes before offering them to the public and also restrict purchase offers to primary residence buyers for the first 15 days after each property is listed.  Their website provides information on all their current foreclosure listings as well as special financing options available only on the properties they sell.