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The 6 Worst Types of Real Estate Investments - 04/29/2013

As any experienced real estate investor will tell you, not all investment properties are created equal. Homes that might be perfect for a primary residence, for example, might not yield positive cash flows — and without positive cash flows, you’re … Read More >>

Creating a Zero-Waste Home - 04/23/2013

Five years ago, Bea Johnson and her husband and two sons were looking for a home closer to the restaurants, shops and school in their coastal California town. During the year they spent house hunting, the family of four moved … Read More >>

Personal Finance Tricks to Get the Most From Your Money - 04/16/2013

Borrow against your home’s equity This hack is for homeowners, but it’s good for everyone to know about should you ever decide to buy a home. How It Works: Instead of having the bank front you the money you need through … Read More >>

5 Steps for Decorating Your First Apartment - 04/12/2013

Step 1: Find the look you like Before you buy any furniture, assess the pieces you already have and carefully plan each addition. Go online or look at some design catalogues to see which styles and colors you like. Do … Read More >>